Lezing: Crisis & Hope - Luis Callejas

10 februari 2021 13:00 t/m 14:00 - Locatie: Online - Door: Communication BK

Op 10 februari vindt de lezing 'Model Landscapes' plaats, met spreker Luis Callejas (Oslo School of Architecture and Design). Deze lezing is onderdeel van de serie 'Crisis & Hope: Landscape as Possibility'.

Luis Callejas is an architect and educator from Colombia. Callejas is founder of LCLA office, an Oslo based architecture and landscape architecture practice operated together with Swedish architect Charlotte Hansson. Callejas is full professor at the Oslo School of Architecture in Norway since 2016. Previously he taught architecture and landscape architecture at Harvard GSD from 2011 to 2016. Completed buildings and landscapes include the aquatic park for the IX South American games in Medellin, and the renovation of the main stadium in Bogota. Ongoing projects include the landscape for the renovation of the former US embassy in Oslo designed by Eero Saarinen. LCLA’s work has been widely published and equally recognized in Architecture and landscape architecture media. They exhibited recently at the first Chicago architecture biennal, the Oslo architecture triennial, the Lisbon Triennale, Seoul biennale and Venice architecture biennale. Callejas is the author of Pamphlet Architecture 33 “Islands and Atolls” (Princeton architecture press, 2013). His recent research pursued as PhD focuses on the abstraction and translation of the formal qualities of four canonical landscape types to architectural and landscape design. Recent publication and features include AD, Harvard design Magazine among others. 

Today’s world is hallmarked by crisis: economic, climatic, environmental, sanitary, political and social. Thus, the projects and actions designed or put in place by contemporary designers and other forward thinkers and actors must take full account of this ongoing situation of emergency and plight. ‘Crisis’ comes from the Greek verb ‘krinò’, meaning to ‘separate’. It initially referred to the separation of wheat from chaff, the useful form the useless, the good from the bad. For this reason, every crisis always ushers in opportunities and seeds of change. The conference series ‘Crisis & Hope’ aims to stimulate an interdisciplinary debate on the elements of crisis but also of possibility and hope to build a better common future. Lectures will focus on how the discipline of design, and landscape design in particular, is being reviewed and reformulated in the light of the wide variety of changes we are currently observing worldwide.

This series eventually tries to shed some light on the transforming responsibility of the landscape designer within the broader frame of future oriented action.

The conference series is organized by the section of Landscape Architecture at Delft University of Technology in the context of the celebration of their 10- year anniversary of the LA MSc-track in 2020-2021. The conference is curated and organized by Laura Cipriani.

Conference schedule

1:00-1:05 pm | Welcome

1:05-1:45 pm | Lecture

1:45-1:55 pm | Discussion, Q & A

1:55-2:00 pm | Closing Remarks

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Photo: Adi Goldstein