Tentoonstelling: Inland, Seaward; The transcoastal project

08 juli 2021 00:00 - Locatie: Online - Door: Communicatie BK | Zet in mijn agenda

“Inland, seaward. The trans-coastal project” presents the work by Transitional Territories, a research & graduation studio engaged with the present and future conditions of the urban and territorial project in lowlands regions (maritime, riverine, and/or delta areas).

The exhibition curated and developed by Transitional Territories opens a three year-long cycle on the de- / re-territorialization of places, (infra)structures and cultures between land and sea. The trans-coastal project fosters practical approaches—by design—to spatial and socio-ecological coherence and equity by working across fields of knowledge, scales and subjects, endogenous and exogenous forces. Extreme geographies and four lines of inquiry guided the studio research and design practice, with project locations in the Netherlands, UK, France, Poland, Latvia, Norway, Vietnam, Indonesia, and Brazil.

Transitional Territories studio sees the agency of Urban Design as the fine-tuning of the ever-changing interrelations between natural processes, societal practices, and (geo)political frameworks. The leading hypothesis is that the territory is a shared project – independently from scale – wherein the urban always co-constructs with nature. Our projects focus on the design of alternative forms of coexistence and care in highly dynamic geographies characterized by fragility, criticality and risk.

The exhibition hosts projects by Architectural Association London, Diploma Unit 9 “The Third Territorial Attractor”, with whom we work jointly.

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