Tentoonstelling: Together! The Future of Living

07 oktober 2021 00:00 t/m 28 oktober 2021 00:00 - Locatie: OOSTSERRE - Door: Communication BK

Van 7 tot 28 oktober, vindt de tentoonstelling 'Together! The Future of Living' plaats, georganiseerd door BK Public Programs, in samenwerking met Project Together!

Cities all over the world are experiencing pressing urban sustainability challenges such as climate change and rising inequality. In Europe, these trends are intensified by worsening housing affordability, an ageing population and rising loneliness amongst many urban dwellers. One of the most innovative responses to these challenges is the re-emergence of collaborative living concepts. Based on the principles of sharing and commoning, there are numerous examples of residents who collectively self-organise to design, develop and build their own living environment. These collaborative approaches are also increasingly adopted by architects, housing professionals and developers who ‘stick their neck out’ to do things differently, co-creating with residents.

The exhibition, organised by the Public Programs of the Faculty of Architecture and the Built Environment, in collaboration with Project Together!, showcases innovative examples of collaborative forms of living, based on the principles of collaboration, inclusivity, circularity and long-term value creation. All works displayed were undertaken by students and faculty members of the Faculty of Architecture and the Built Environment.

Together is an invitation to all agents involved in the fabrication of the city to go to the bottom of the matter, to the bottom of the wishing well that housing, and more broadly, the city, represent to its residents: do we really desire the dwellings that we design? Do we really want to live in the city? If we were to ask ourselves what the desired house really was, most of us would recognize that we have an ideal photo in mind. And, suddenly, housing ceases to be a concept, something vital for the planet, ratios for judging plans… Suddenly, housing and the city become an uncomfortable subject which deeply affects our decisions...

Together is thus an invitation for those who believe in the city to make every house a desirable home.

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