The 9th Geothermal Get-Together

23 juni 2021 15:30 - Locatie: Zoom - Door: Webredactie

The 9th Geothermal Get-Together is in the making!
Due to the corona measures the event will be organised as a webinar. This way we can stay connected and still have scientific discussions on geothermal related topics together.

The webinar will take place on June 23rd at 15.30 CEST.
Location: Zoom A login link will be send to you after registration a day before the event.

The 9th Geothermal Get-Together is a collaboration between the TU Delft geothermal team and Stichting DAP.
We invited the following speakers:

  • Andries Wever (founder DAP)
  • Ayla Reerink (Veegeo)
  • Youri Nijsse (Provincie Zuid-Holland)
  • Jeanne Steijn (TU Delft student/DAP)