GS Seminar: Lessons from COVID-19: Safety and Risk Engineering Perspective

17 mei 2021 15:30 t/m 16:30 - Locatie: Teams - Door: Webredactie

The process industries operate in the shadow of the possibility of accident(s) that may have severe and often catastrophic impacts, measured as risk.  The industry develops, implements, and follows a robust risk management plan to ensure the facility and the peoples' safety.

In recent years, communities are threatened by severe infectious diseases that in many ways similar to the accident in processing industries. Like the accident in processing facilities, the containment of contagious diseases is challenging due to complex transmutation in the biological system, intricate global interactions, intense mobility, and multiple transmission modes. An emergent condition can turn into a pandemic impacting millions of people with loss of life, mental health, and severe economic impairment. In current work, a multifarious approach to risk management is explored for combating an epidemic spread. The approach adopts the engineering safety principles to the pandemic risk management.  The hierarchical safety measures structure is used in developing the risk minimization strategies. The roles of distinct interventions have also been investigated for an infected individual's survivability with the existing healthcare facilities.

About the speaker

Dr. Faisal Khan is currently Professor and Canada Research Chair (Tier I) of Offshore Safety and Risk Engineering. He is the founder of the Centre for Risk Integrity and Safety and Engineering (C-RISE), which has over research 90 research members. His research interest areas include safety and risk engineering, inherent safety, and risk-based integrity assessment and management. He is the recipient of the President Outstanding Research Award of 2012-13, CSChE National Award on Process Safety Management of 2014, President Outstanding Research Supervision Award of 2013-14, and Society of Petroleum Engineer award for his contribution to Health, Safety and Risk Engineering (2015). He is currently inducted as Fellow of Canadian Academy of Engineering (CAE), a prestigious national honor. He has authored over 500 research articles in peer-reviewed journals on safety, risk, and reliability engineering and seven books on the subject area. He is Editor-in-Chief to the Journal of Process Safety and Environmental Protection and Safety in Harsh Environments, and subject Editor/Editorial Board Members to other safety and risk journals. He regularly offers training programs/workshops on safety and risk engineering in different places, including St John's, Chennai, Dubai, Beijing, Aberdeen, Cape Town, Doha and Kuala Lumpur.

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17 May 2021            

15:30 – 16:30 hours       

Lessons from COVID-19: Safety and Risk Engineering Perspective

Prof Faisal Khan, Memorial University, St John's, Canada

30 min talk, 30 min moderated discussion and Q&A