Lunch lecture: Creating a New Perspective by Integrating Frames Through Design

25 juni 2021 12:30 t/m 13:30 - Locatie: Online - Door: Webredactie

Part of Delta Futures Lab webinar series on future challenges of Delta regions.

Date: Friday 25th of June
Time: 12:30 – 13:30 [CET]
Location: online
Speaker: Dr. ir. Joannes Visser
Organised by: Delta Futures lab

With an ongoing rise of the world population towards an expected 10 billion people in 2050, we are confronted with an increasing pressure on space, housing, materials, food, water and inclusivity. At the same time, current systems of for example urbanism, hydraulic engineering and agriculture are not sustainable. The challenge we are confronted with is therefore twofold, as also expressed by the UN Sustainable Development Goals. In this context, new perspectives should be developed in which multiple ambitions can be obtained simultaneously. This is what is in this webinar called ‘integrated design’. Because integrated design is a so frequently used term these days, first the differences in terminology will be part of discussion, where after methodological implications will be explained. Different examples of known integrated design approaches will be discussed to explain what we are looking for. In addition, the research into celebrated integrated design projects is presented with a special focus on the question in what way they show new perspectives.


Dr. Joannes Visser is Consultant Integrated Design at Royal HaskoningDHV and Assistant Professor Integrated Design & Management/ Coach Delta Futures Lab at Delft University of Technology. Joannes obtained his PhD with his research into Integrated Design in collaboration with the Delta’s Infrastructure & Mobility Initiative of Delft University of Technology. He has a background in Civil Engineering with a special interest in the interdisciplinary and interfaculty design cases. Now, he is working as a consultant on this topic at Royal HaskoningDHV and appointed as a coach on integrated design in the Delta Futures Lab.

About The Delta Futures lab

The Delta Futures lab is a multidisciplinary network for MSc-students, staff and practice with the ambition to become interdisciplinary leaders in spatial design, engineering and governance of deltas. The Lab unites master students, researchers and professionals in multidisciplinary projects. It enriches and supports master students in becoming the mission-oriented engineers that future delta societies need. 

The Friday lunch lectures are on the state-of-the-art and state of the future developments of deltas. The lectures are online and open to all students, researchers and professionals interested in dealing with future challenges of Delta regions. The participants form a broadly international and interdisciplinary group. With participants joining from the engineering, planning and design fields, originating from the Netherlands, Ghana, Mexico, Myanmar and Vietnam.