Workshop: Advancements in on-demand city logistics

01 december 2021 09:00 t/m 16:00 - Door: Webredactie | Zet in mijn agenda

In this one-day event, we bring our academic and industrial partners together. We will discuss about the current obstacles city logistic companies face vis-à-vis their customers given the available resources. The current scientific state-of-the-art will be shared by our world-renowned guests from inside and outside the Netherlands. This workshop highlights the ending of CUSTOMIZE project whose results will be presented by our research team.

About the CUSTOMIZE project

This research project introduces a novel decision-making framework to address the challenges faced by on-demand logistics systems. Having a precise demand forecast is the key success for the operation. We first forecast demand at the micro-level. The predictability of our model is enhanced by using data from industrial partners. Thereafter, we integrate our demand forecasting tool into the prescriptive model. The model provides different strategies to position resources in real-time. The development of the prescriptive model is an innovative solution to bridge data-analytics and systems operations. In this project, we collaborated with two industrial partners:

  • is an on-demand logistics provider which is operated in the food industry. Our developed approach uses real-time data and provides a planning approach for its operation.  
  • Post-NL provides home healthcare supply which is provided by health-care organizations. Our proposed forecasting model and the resolution approach enable them to improve their services considering the behavioral aspect of the patients (e.g., satisfaction from the logistics service) and promote the usage of home healthcare services.






Prof. Marlin Ulmer

Professor at Otto-von-Guericke-Univesitat Magdeburg





Dr. Alp Arslan

Research Associate at TU Delft


Dr. Yihong Wang

Senior Data Scientist at Just Eat


Ms. Jingyi Chen

Research Assistant





Prof. Dolores Romero Morales

Professor at Copenhagen Business School


Dr. Niels Agatz

Professor at RSM





Ms. Merel Koppen

Programma Manager Customer Excellence at PostNL


Mr. Bram Mosterd

Research Assistant


Dr. Ahmadreza Marandi

Professor at TU Eindhoven


Registration is mandatory and based on a first-come-first-serve rule. Due to uncertainties resulting from Covid situation, we have a maximum limit for the number of attendees. The workshop is open to graduate students, colleagues from university and industry. 

Note: Given that we will have guests in the Covid risk groups, we trust the attendees are vaccinated and/or have been tested negative before the event. We will comply with the regulations to assure the public safety.

Link to register:

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