Process Technology - An Introduction

06 april 2022 10:00 t/m 08 april 2022 15:00 | Zet in mijn agenda

Are you active in the process industry, but lacking a process-technological background? Come and join our Pro2Tech (former DPTI)-course ‘Process Technology for non-Process Technologists’ from 6 until 8 April in Delft.

Are you active in the process industry, but lacking a process-technological background? Would you like to understand the challenges, experienced by the process engineers, (bio)chemists or microbiologists you are managing, in scaling up processes from lab scale to industrial scale? Would you like to understand what methods the process engineers are using to design and optimize the processes in your plant?

Come and join our Pro2Tech-course ‘Process Technology for non-Process Technologists’ from 6 until 8 April in Delft.

This course is specifically aimed at non-Process Technologists like you working in the product and process industries for e.g. pharmaceutical, fine chemicals, base chemicals, petrochemical, food, bio, pulp/paper, fuels, advanced materials and watertreatment.

What can you expect?

During 3 days, you will be exposed to interactive lectures, which are fun and based on daily life examples and you will learn the most important concepts, including:
• Scale up and economy of scale
• Continuous vs batch processing
• Simplifying complex processes to a few unit operations
• Heat and mass transfer
• Reactor selection
• Separations and finishing
• Safety
• Plant design


Prof. dr. ir. Johan Padding (TUD)
Expert in multiscale modelling of reaction and separation systems; with academic and industrial experience. Johan is the director of this course.

Prof. dr. ir. Ruud van Ommen (TUD)
Expert in particle technology, chemical reaction engineering and scalable production of advanced, nanostructured materials. 

Prof. dr. ir. Tony Kiss (TUD)
Expert in process design, modelling & simulation and process integration; with 12+ years of industrial experience.

Prof. dr. ir. André de Haan (Cosun/TUD)
Expert in separation technologies; with 20+ years of industrial experience.

Please note that because of continuing Corona measures, this course has been postponed from 19-21 January to 6-8 April 2022.

Registration is closed.