PhD & Postdoc 360° 2nd Poster Event Urban Energy Institute

16 november 2021 13:00 t/m 17:00 - Door: Eveline Zeegers

On Tuesday 16th of November at 13:00 CET the TU Delft Urban Energy Institute organized an its 2nd online poster event.

We are proud to present to you the permanent 360° environment ! A virtual Urban Energy Pavilion in front of the TU Delft Aula has been especially made for our Urban Energy research.

Like our fist poster event in March 2021 PhD candidates and Postdocs will pitch their research on the topic of urban Energy via a poster. Unlike the first one this one will be a live one at X (Mekelweg 10). The posters will be hang upfront in the virtual gallery of the pavilion. Check them out! Get in contact with each other.

More informations about the event will be published after the summer holiday break. But registration as pitcher or as audience is already possible via this link.

New posters are being hung in the virtual environment all year through.

The Urban Energy Institute is supporting the rapid transition to a carbon free urban energy system. We do this by producing and sharing essential knowledge through research, and by providing a platform for knowledge sharing and collaboration among experts.

The Urban Energy Institute is focused on six themes, each of which addresses a unique challenge and unique geographical scope:
• Towards zero-energy buildings & beyond
• Fast transition existing building stock
• Thermal urban energy systems
• Solar Urban
• Smart Monitoring, management & control
• Transforming Cities
More information about the themes can be found on this webpage.

Dr. Paula van den Brom, postdoctoral researcher explains: