Urban Energy Lecture: Solar energy for climate impact; Challenges and opportunities of ultra large scale photovoltaics

08 december 2021 12:45 t/m 13:30 - Locatie: Online | Zet in mijn agenda

Lecture by Prof Wim Sinke, Principal Scientist Solar Energy at TNO Energy Transition

Hosted by the Urban Energy Institute
Date: Wednesday 8 December 2021
Time: 12:45-13:30 CET
Moderator: Olindo Isabella

The world urgently needs renewable energy deployed at extremely large scale. Solar photovoltaics is expected to make a major, if not the main contribution to that. Manufacturing and installation at that scale brings a range of challenges and opportunities, some of which have never been addressed seriously before. This presentation will take you on a short tour along the road from current technologies and applications to solutions for the multi-terawatt scale.

Wim Sinke is physicist and has worked in the field of photovoltaic solar energy for over 40 years. He is Principal Scientist at TNO, professor Photovoltaic Energy Conversion at the University of Amsterdam and co-chair of the European Technology and Innovation Platform for Photovoltaics (ETIP PV). In 2011 he received the prestigious European Becquerel Prize for his work on development and application of photovoltaic solar energy.

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