30/10 Workshop: Digital Flower Color Animation

30 oktober 2021 13:30 t/m 15:30 - Door: Communication

Want to unleash your imagination and create your perfect digital flower? In this easy accessible workshop you will give color to our digital flower field. The flower designs from the design workshop are now fully 3d-printed and cast by Luuk and Lonella and are ready to be finished! Together we will animate the colors of the flowers. You can do that very easily with the help of a handy app, but those who know programming can make it as difficult as they want by diving deep into the code!

Anything can happen in the digital flower shop – each petal can be given its own color and even change color!Unleash your imagination and create your perfect digital flower! Would you like to take your digital flower home with you? You can also have Luuk turn your design into a lamp for your bedside table! The lamps cost 50 euros, and can be ordered from Luuk during the workshop.

The most beautiful designs are exhibited in Luuk's digital flower field. This flower field of 100 digital, luminous flowers will be on display in the garden at Pavarotti behind the old Delft station building during Highlight Festival Delft from November 18 to 20, 2021. Are you not quite ready with your design at the end of the workshop? You can sit for another hour to finish it or finish your design at home.


Make sure to bring your own laptop and mouse during the workshop.

A day ticket for Highlight festival is included in the workshop price.



Click on the button to login with your Net ID, go to courses & events, and click on workshop or events. There you will see an overview of the upcoming workshops. Pick the workshop LuukMeints Digital Flower Color.

Saturday 30 October 2021 | 13:30 - 15:30 | Rhythm | € 10,- (X subscription holders), €18,- (employees), € 20,- (others) | In co-op with Hightlight Festival Delft | COVID certificate needed? No