The Future of Agricultural Work at RoboHouse

01 juni 2022 13:30 t/m 17:30 - Locatie: RoboHouse, TU Delft Campus | Zet in mijn agenda

The Future of Agricultural Work

TU Delft AgTech Institute & RoboHouse organise ‘The Future of Agricultural Work’ congress on Wednesday 1 June from 13.30 – 17.30 at RoboHouse in Delft

During the congress we will present the latest TU Delft research and innovations on agricultural and horticultural robotics and automation and give you a preview of the AgTech Working Lab and current projects.

The AgTech Working Lab will be a physical location for collaboration, design, prototyping and a context-specific testing environment, where new robotic prototypes can be tested on-site in a greenhouse or open field setting. The Working Lab will be the co-creation space for companies, RoboHouse robotic engineers, TU Delft researchers and students to effectively collaborate on the most innovative agricultural robotics.

The programme of the congress is as follows:



Walk in and coffee at 13.00 - 13.30 

The doors are open at 13.00 and the first presentation of the plenary sessions will start at 13.30.


Part I - Plenary Sessions


  • Introduction RoboHouse
    Dr. ir. Ties van Bruinessen – Business Developer at RoboHouse
  • AgTech Working Lab
    Prof. David Abbink – Haptic Human-Robot Interaction at TU Delft
  • Industry Roundtable 
    Industry partners in discussion on co-innovation in a fieldlab
  • Tactile sensing for damage free handling of soft fruits
    Dr. Michael Wiertlewski – Assistant Professor at Delft Haptics Lab
  • Student assignment on robotic axillary bud removal for Demcon
    Students and prof. Just Herder - Interactive Mechanisms and Mechatronics


Part II – Interactive Breakout Sessions


  • Sensing 
    Innovative sensing concepts, such as electronic noses smelling diseases and pests by prof. Peter Steeneken - Precision and Microsystems Engineering;
  • Thinking
    Intelligent decision-making using advanced AI algorithms;
  • Acting
    Robotic gripping and handling in an agricultural context by prof. Just Herder - Interactive Mechanisms and Mechatronics.


Networking & Drinks at 17.00

Agricultural robotic prototypes will be showcased during the Networking & Drinks.


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