AiTech Agora: Kars Alfrink - Contestable AI

02 maart 2022 13:00 t/m 14:00 | Zet in mijn agenda

As the use of AI systems continues to increase, so do concerns over its negative social consequences, including the infringement of the human right to autonomy. This risk can be mitigated by ensuring AI systems are contestable by design: responsive to human intervention throughout the system lifecycle. Contestable AI by design is a small but growing field of research. However, most of the available knowledge requires a significant amount of translation to be applicable in practice. A proven way of conveying intermediate-level, generative design knowledge is in the form of design frameworks. This presentation reports on a study in which we use qualitative-interpretative methods and visual mapping techniques to extract from the literature elements that contribute to contestable AI, and synthesize these into a design framework. In so doing we show that contestability cuts across generic responsible AI principles, and as such is a rich concept for bridging the gap between theory and practice.

Bio Kars Alfrink is a designer, researcher and educator working at the intersection of emerging technologies, social progress and the built environment. Currently, Kars is a PhD candidate at Delft University of Technology. His research focuses on how to ensure AI systems are contestable by design. Before coming to Delft, Kars was active as a design consultant, design entrepreneur and design community organiser for 15+ years.

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