BK Talks: Art city

Imagining the built environment through the lens of art

15 december 2022 18:00 t/m 20:00 - Locatie: OOSTSERRE & ONLINE - Door: Communication BK | Zet in mijn agenda

On 15 December, the BK Talks 'Art City: Imagining the built environment through the lens of art' will take place.

On December 15th, ‘The BK Cloud (of Art)’ installation will open in parallel to the BK Talks ‘Art City: imagining the built environment through the lens of art’. The panel will explore the integration between art, architecture, and the built environment at large. This notion, which dates back to the very origin of the discipline, took on a new meaning and social purpose during the Avant-Garde movement of the early twentieth century, becoming one of the most defining characteristics of Modernism. Besides the inclusion of art works in the public realm, art has been — and is — essential to understand our societies and cultures beyond the political context of a certain moment. Art can be critical through beauty (or through ugliness), and is one of the world’s places of autonomy, reflection, production of alternatives, seduction, and hope. Simply put, some cannot imagine life devoid of art.

In this edition of the BK Talks, to be held literally underneath the collective installation made of the artwork submitted by students, faculty, and staff, we will explore the role of art in the built environment. We will also consider whether it is necessary to expand art education in the Faculty’s curriculum. Does the education of appreciating the arts augment critical thinking? Does art valuing improve the creative abilities of the designer? Is art education a way to direct prospective professionals to be effective, vocal, and sensitive designers who acknowledge the influence of the arts in the design disciplines?

Practical information

This BK Talks will be streamed live from the Oostserre and can be followed via this link.

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