Tentoonstelling: LA.X

A glossary of Landscape Architecture Education

03 mei 2022 00:00 t/m 24 mei 2022 00:00 - Locatie: OOSTSERRE - Door: Communication BK | Zet in mijn agenda

Van 3 tot 24 mei is de tentoonstelling 'LA.X. A glossary of Landscape Architecture Education' te zien in de Oostserre.

This exhibition celebrates the tenth anniversary of the MSc-track in Landscape Architecture at TU Delft, as denoted by ‘X’ - the Roman numeral for ‘ten’ - in the exhibition title. It is a culmination of the work produced by Landscape Architecture students at TU Delft in the last ten years, which will also be released in the form of a book.

At the exhibition opening, the accompanying BK Talks event will open a discussion on the inspiring educational models, curricula and results of several Landscape Architecture European schools.