1st International Summer School on Underground Hydrogen Storage (UHS)

11 juli 2022 08:45 t/m 14 juli 2022 17:45 - Locatie: Department of Geoscience and Engineering, TU Delft (Hybrid Event) | Zet in mijn agenda

The transition towards renewable energy sources, such as solar and wind, requires the development of large-scale energy storage systems to balance out the renewable energy production and demand. Storing renewable energy in the form of hydrogen is widely seen as a promising solution because of its high energy content and clean combustion products. However, due to hydrogen’s low density, large storage volumes will be required which exceed the capacity of surface-based storage facilities. Subsurface reservoirs such as gas fields, aquifers and solution-mined salt caverns are the only feasible option that can provide the large storage volumes required. This gives underground hydrogen storage (UHS) the potential to become a key technology in the energy transition.


We are excited to host the 1st international summer school on Underground Hydrogen Storage (UHS).

The summer course will be hybrid, and will cover many aspects of the UHS including:

  • Policy, Regulating & Licensing (by the policy making experts from government entities)
  • Lectures by the UHS scientists across the globe on different aspects of UHS:
    • Thermo-Hydrodynamics
    • Micro-biology & Geo-chemistry
    • Geomechanics & Geology
    • Characterization, Modeling, Imaging & Monitoring
  • (selected) Presentations by the attendees (Poster + 3min Pitch)

Lectures will be given by a broad range of speakers including leading academic scientists, industrial experts as well as colleagues from the policy sector and EU funding agencies.

For whom

The course is developed for a broad audience who would like to learn more about the various aspects of UHS, with a specific focus on students and young researchers. During the course, the attendees should expect lectures from international experts, practical and group exercises, as well as site visits and cultural and social activities. In addition, each attendee is given the opportunity to present their research during a poster session.

All attendants will receive a certificate of attendance.

For more information, please contact Dr. Maartje Boon (M.M.Boon@tudelft.nl).

For the registration form and more information about the program, visit the page for the International Summer School:

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