Systemic Design Lab presents ‘System Design Talks’

20 januari 2022 12:30 t/m 13:30 - Locatie: Online

The IDE Systemic Design Lab invites you to attend its first Systemic Design Talk on 20 January from 12:30 – 13:30. This event will take place online. The first speaker of the series will be IDE Professor Pieter Jan Stappers. His talk will be on, ‘Systems thinking for design – lessons from DeepDives’.

Professor Stappers: “Systemic Design is sometimes defined as the combination of Systems Thinking and Design Thinking, building on two rich traditions with popular appeal. In two editions of the MSc elective course DeepDive, we explored key topics from the literature of Systems Theory in Science, Engineering, and Design from the past 50 years, and their connection to current design. In the talk I want to reflect on what we have learned.”

Systemic Design Talks is a new knowledge sharing platform hosted by the IDE Systemic Design Lab. Its aim is to boost exchanges among scholars and students interested in systemic design. To facilitate these exchanges, the Systemic Design Lab will invite guest speakers to come and share their research and/or thoughts on the topic. The talks are open to people inside and outside the IDE community.

You can register for the first edition of Systemic Design Talks by sending an email to