LabTalks with Professor Ilpo Koskinen

05 juni 2023 11:30 t/m 13:30 - Locatie: Studiolab Studio Tell (B-2-420) | Zet in mijn agenda

You are invited to attend a special edition of LabTalks featuring Professor Ilpo Koskinen on on 5 June at 11:30 in Studiolab Studio Tell (B-2-420). The event is hosted by IDE’s StudioLab. 

Professor Ilpo, who is visiting from UNSW Sydney, is known in the design research community for his book, Design Research Through Practice: From Lab, Field, and Showroom, and more recently Drifting by Intention. In this presentation, he will talk about his upcoming book: Design, Empathy, and Interpretation.

His presentation makes a case for an interpretive approach to design research using the history of empathic design as its method. It first describes its interpretive foundation and the how the foundation shaped its approach to research and also its frameworks, methods, and analytic tactic.

Towards the end, the presentation presents an interpretive framework that has helped the program to understand better those human meanings we live by. It ends with a plea for amending Tomas Maldonado’s call for sociological imagination as a remedy to top-down authoritarian tendencies in design.

About Professor Ilpo Koskinen

Ilpo Koskinen has worked as a professor of design since 1999 in several universities in Europe, Asia and Australia. He is currently based in Sydney.

His main research interests have been: mobile multimedia, the relationship of design and cities, proactive information technology, methodology (especially in design research), and interpretive approaches in design. His most recent book as written with Peter Krogh, titled Drifting by Intention: Four Epistemic Traditions from within Constructive Design Research. His most recent interest have been around social design and unobtrusive design methods. His forthcoming book Design, Empathy, and Interpretation makes the case for an interpretive approach to design. He has published about 150 papers, and he thinks some of them are good.