Defense as a robust and adaptive organization

02 juni 2022 12:00 t/m 13:00 - Locatie: Lab 1 and 2, TU Delft -location Wijnhaven, Turfmarkt 99 in The Hague | Zet in mijn agenda

After so many years, the Ministry of Defense (MOD-NL) is again at the centre of attention. With this comes responsibility; we have to perform in the operational area, as well as in the supporting organization. Therefore, the MOD wants to be an effective bureaucracy, with optimized and best-practice processes, decision-making and procedures: on the one side robust, and on the other side adaptive and more innovative, to handle the deeply uncertain environmental changes.

Thereby we are transforming with the help of IT into a more data-driven decision-making organization, which uses data at speed and scale for operational advantage and increased efficiency. Besides structures, processes, procedures, and data, it is the attitude and behaviour of people which counts in such an effective transformation. As one of the supporting components, our logistics internal demand-and-supply processes must be designed with more simplicity. In this lunch lecture, Eric de Graaf and Jan Paul Dijkstra elaborate on MOD’s challenges.

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