Workshop | How to develop an educational game? | 11 October

11 oktober 2022 15:00 t/m 17:00 - Locatie: Teaching Lab - Door: GameLab | Zet in mijn agenda

About this workshop
Designing a serious game can be tricky, especially if you want to develop an educational game. During this 2 hour, hands-on workshop, we will explore a method often used by serious game designers, the Triadic Game Design method.

Casper Hartevelt developed the Triadic Game Design method. It is a design method where you balance Reality, Meaning and Play carefully. When you fail to balance the three aspects of serious game design, you end with a product that will not achieve your goals. Your game might become too disconnected from your theme or subject. It might not have a clear goal or outcome or simply not be fun.

As you do with games, we will learn how to use this method by trying it, doing it, and exploring it. In groups, you will develop a concept based on a reality (or theme) to provide a particular meaning (or outcome) and, in the end, design the play aspect (a game). The experienced game designers of the Gamelab will guide you through the process and can answer your questions.
If you have a particular subject or theme you want to explore, please let us know during sign-up so we can include it. Similarly, if you have questions about designing games for education, including particular meanings, or reaching specific outcomes, let us know!