26/03 Event: Earth Hour – Acoustic Stage

26 maart 2022 19:30 t/m 22:00 - Door: Communication | Zet in mijn agenda

For Earth Hour we will be turning off all the lights and unplugging all the instruments to bring you an intimate acoustic open mic night by candlelight. Join us in taking the time to stop and think about how we treat our mother Earth, and take a step back to the essentials.

From 20:30 – 21:30, students will get the chance to take the stage during this special Earth Hour Acoustic Stage event where we strip down all the electrical devices and bare our souls in the most intimate way. We don’t need screens and amplifiers to connect to each other. We just need the universal language of music.

Our piano teacher Bob Wijnen will be available to accompany anyone who wants to perform but needs an extra instrument to guide them. For one hour, we’ll just sit, listen and breathe – and give Earth a well deserved break.

Want to perform? Sign up via the sign up button below.
Want to join the audience? Please do!


Saturday 26/03 | 19:30 – 22:00 | Foyer | FREE!