Steel for Sustainability

31 maart 2023 10:00 t/m 17:30 - Locatie: Prinsenhof, Delft - Door: Ellen Vendrig | Zet in mijn agenda

Steel is everywhere! It is the most applied metal worldwide and an essential tool in accomplishing the energy and materials transition that mankind faces. Sustainable production, use and recovery of steel and steel products will lead to a strong push towards a society based on sustainable technology. However, in order to make full use of its potential we should not take steel for granted. We need to understand steel and its role in society: its past, its present, its future. We need to look at scientific aspects, economic importance, environmental impact and societal indispensability to make a jump towards materials sustainability.

So join us if you want to understand steel! 
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10:00 h                      Coffee / tea

10:30 h                      Introduction by symposium chair prof. Maria Santofimia (MSE, TU Delft)

10:40 h                      The basics of steel, dr. Erik Offerman (MSE, TU Delft) 
                                   The essence of designing, producing, using and recycling steel

11:10 h                      Steel in the past, dr. Maikel Kuijpers (Archaeology, Univ. Leiden)
                                   The development of steel and its significance for society through the ages, since the Iron Age

11:40 h                      Demonstrations

                                   Stands across the life cycle of materials, with demonstrations applied to steel

12:10 h                      Steel at present: it’s everywhere, prof. Maria Santofimia (MSE, TU Delft)
                                    Conventional and unconventional applications: steel is irreplaceable. Opportunities.

12:40 h                       Lunch

13:45 h                      Steel at present: society and economics, speaker of the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Climate Policy
                                    Steel as strategic material, steel as economic driver, European perspective

14:15 h                      Steel at present: its influence on local and global environment, dr. René Kleijn (Leiden University)
                                    Environment, contamination and recyclability, ore, life cycle, waste, international aspects,

                                    differences on buying vs producing it.

14:45 h                      Coffee / tea break

15:15 h                      Steel in the future, dr. Erik Vegter (scientific director M2i)
                                   Potential of steel for sustainability transition

15:45 h                       Closure by symposium chair

15:50 h                       Drinks