Alumni event Boston

19 april 2023 16:00 t/m 20:30 - Door: Alumni Relations | Zet in mijn agenda

The Dutch Engineers Alumni Network (DEAN) of TU Delft, University of Twente, Wageningen University and TU Eindhoven launched its first activities in the USA back in 2014 and since then has grown to include communities in Australia, Canada, the Nordics, Spain and Switzerland. In April we will be returning to where it all started!

Did you know that America represents one of the largest concentrations of TU alumni outside of the Netherlands with over 6000 graduates.

Find out more about our unique network by joining the event taking place in Boston at Motional on 19 April 2023.


04:00 PM 
Inclusive tour @ Motional (limited places)

05:00 PM 
Walk in

05:30 PM 
Welcome by host and short update of the universities

05:50 PM
Lectures and panel discussions


  • Boaz Floor | Senior Research Engineer, Team Lead @ Motional
  • Bruno Brito | Senior Research Scientist, Team Lead @ Motional

06:30 PM 
Wrap up and networking drink with some fingerfood


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Boaz Floor

Principal Engineer Team Lead at Motional. After graduating from TU Delft with the Department of Cognitive Robotics in 2018, Boaz joined Motional in Singapore to work on optimal control strategies for trajectory generation. Now, Boaz is leading a team of researchers and engineers from the Boston office, developing motion planning and control algorithms for autonomous driving.

Bruno Brito

Bruno Brito is a Senior Research Scientist at Motional AD LLC, leading the Motion Planning Research team. He has received his Ph.D. Degree from the Delft University of Technology and the M.Sc. (2013) from the Faculty of Engineering of the University of Porto. Between 2014 and 2016, he was a trainee at the European Space Agency (ESA) in the Guidance, Navigation, and Control section. After, he was a Research Associate, between 2016 and 2018, at the Fraunhofer Institute for Manufacturing Engineering and Automation. Currently, his research focuses on developing motion planning algorithms bridging learning-based and optimization-based methods for self-driving vehicles.




100 Northern Ave
Suite 200
Boston, MA 02210

About DEAN

The Dutch Engineers Alumni Network (DEAN) of TU Delft, University of Twente, Wageningen University and TU Eindhoven launched its activities in 2014 and currently has communities in Australia, Canada, France, Germany, the Nordics, Spain and Switzerland. By bringing together the engineers that studied in the Netherlands, we hope to create valuable communities for our alumni. We encourage members to use these communities for sharing both achievements and information as well as tapping into the expertise of each other. 

Dutch engineers work across a wide range of sectors, and are affiliated not only with the most prestigious organisations of their fields but in many cases also self-funded start-ups. Some of them may have only recently completed their studies in the Netherlands while others have already lived in one of these countries for a decade or more. This network, therefore, represents a significant source of skills, contacts, and advice.