Information session for all TU Delft students who are interested in AI courses: Artificial Intelligence elective courses

06 april 2023 13:00 t/m 13:45 - Locatie: Echo Building | Zet in mijn agenda

You might think AI and your field of study are far apart, but they’re not - It is highly likely you will encounter AI techniques in your job after your studies. The possibilities of applying AI to your area of study are endless.

One of the TU Delft’s objectives is that all students at TU Delft should be able to learn about AI and get the opportunity to apply AI knowledge to their own field of studies. That is why a minor on Engineering with AI was launched in 2021 and two new MSc electives have been developed last year – Fundamentals of AI Programme (introductory level) and Interdisciplinary Advanced AI Programme (advanced level).

Therefore, on Thursday April 6 13.00 – 13.45 there is an information session about the minor and the MSc electives – elective courses that are accessible for all TU Delft students.

During this information session we provide information about the following electives:

  • AI minor ‘Engineering with AI’ for BSc students
    30EC minor where you learn about key AI concepts, applying AI techniques during a project and more.
  • Fundamentals of AI Programme for MSc students
  • 15EC elective where you learn about key concepts in AI techniques and applying these to real-world problems within your own field of studies. During Q1 of your second MSc year. For students with little to no AI experience.
  • Interdisciplinary Advanced AI Project for MSc students
  • 15EC elective where you develop and apply AI solutions for leading AI industries with an interdisciplinary project team, during Q1 of your second MSc year. For students with AI experience.

Are you interested in AI? Sign up for this information session and spread to word to other students who are also interested!.