Best Climate Action or Energy Paper 2022

15 maart 2023 15:00 t/m 17:30 - Locatie: The Green Village CCC | Zet in mijn agenda

The winners

On 15 March the best paper was chosen on the topic of Climate Change and one about the Energy Transition. Both winners received an award of € 1000.
In this years' edition about 50 published papers were handed. They were first judged by the Climate Action themes and the Energy Insitutes. This resulted in 8 finalists. An overall jury, with external scientists, chose the best in the 2 catagories. Jin Maruhashi won in the Climate Action catagory with his paper: "Transport patterns of global aviation NOx and their short-term O3 radiative forcing – a machine learning approach". Maarten van den Broek won in the Energy catagory with his paper: "Adjoint optimisation for wind farm flow control with a free-vortex wake model".
The audience choose Ties van der Heijden as best pitcher of all eight finalists.

Neurological machine learning model
According to Herman Russchenberg – climate researcher and jury member during the Best Climate & Energy Paper Award – the climate and energy solutions of the eight finalists were as diverse as they are creative. However, Jin Maruhashi's climate story stood out. ‘As befits engineers, we want to understand the climate problem well first. A great example of this is Jin's neurological machine learning model that allows you to map – excellently – the climate effect of aviation. With the knowledge Jin's model gives us, we hope to get a better grip on the role of nitrogen oxides (NOx) on global warming, for example.’

Kornelis Blok – Professor of Energy Systems Analysis, co-author of the most recent IPCC report and also member of the jury – on Maarten van de Broeks’ winning energy research: ‘Let's start by saying that three words are very important: accelerate, accelerate, accelerate. The world has only 20 – 30 years at most – to accelerate the energy transition and thereby get it done. That is a very short time to redevelop the entire energy system. Therefore, it is important to extract as much energy as possible from every wind turbine. And that is exactly what Maarten's research is contributing to. By positioning wind turbines, relative to each other, “differently”, you can significantly increase energy gains.’

The eight finallists for the best Climate Action & Energy Papers

8 Fantastic researchers are chosen with their best paper, published in 2022 as winner of their theme/institute.
4 Finalists for the Climate Action Programme and  4 finalists for the Delft Energy Initiative.
An overall jury with in- and external specialists have chosen the Best Climate Action Paper 2022 and the Best Energy Paper 2022.
On March 15th  2023 at 15:00 in the Co-Creation Center of The Green Village on the TU Delft Campus the winners were presented.

Our Climate finalists

Clmate Action Adaption: Julius Schlumberg
Climate Action Governance: Batoul Mesdaghi
Climate Action Mitigation: Alexandros Katsikogtiannis
Climate Science: Jin Maruhashi

Our Energy finalists

e-Refinery: Jorrit Bleeker
PowerWeb: Ties van der Heijden
Urban Energy: Chelsea Kaandorp
Wind Energy: Maarten van den Broek

Impression of the award event on 15 March 2023

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Photos by Roy Borghouts Fotografie

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