Best Climate Action or Energy Paper 2022 Ceremony

15 maart 2023 15:00 t/m 17:30 - Locatie: The Green Village CCC | Zet in mijn agenda

The climate and energy transition is a crucial weapon in the fight against climate change – societies biggest challenge. Only if we reach carbon neutrality by 2050 will we be able to mitigate the effects of climate change. But at the current pace, we will not get there in thirty years’ time. While it is imperative to limit climate change as much as we can, we will also have to learn to adapt to new circumstances and identify the policies needed to make the solutions sustainable. 

With around a thousand scientists, TU Delft is one of Europe’s largest research institutes in the field of climate action and energy. But of course, we do not do this alone. We work together with partners in the field labs on the TU Delft Campus, with companies, policymakers, business developers, and social scientists from all over Europe. And, of course, with you!

We invite all TU Delft students, researchers and staff who are intrested in the field of Climate Action and Energy Transition to join, as well as policy makers, companys, other universities and knowledge Institutes.

Hear about the research of these fantastic climate changemakers!

At this event the prise winners will be announced for the Best Climate Action Paper 2022 and the Best Energy Paper 2022. There will be 4 Climate Action and 4 Energy winners, which each receive € 500.
Both Best Climate Action paper and Best Energy paper will receive € 1000 and are chosen by an overall jury:
Prof Kornelis Blok,
Prof Paulien Herder,
Prof André Faaij (TNO, University of Utrecht),
Mart van Bracht (Topsector Energie);
Professor Uli Dusek; Energy and Sustainability Research Institute Groningen (ESRIG);
Professor Neelke Doorn; Ethics in Water Engineering at TU Delft.

You as audience will be spoiled with 8 great pitches by the overall winners. Get to know these improtant research papers which will help to fight climate change. You will be asked to vote for the best pitch!

Please join on Wednesday 15 March 2023 at 15:00 in the Co-Creation Center of The Green Village on the TU Delft Campus.

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• Introduction by Professor Herman Russchenberg, Chair Climate Action Program and Professor Kornelis Blok, Chair Delft Energy Initiative
• Pitching of the 4 best Energy papers
• Pitching of the 4 best Climate Action papers
• While the judges discuss the audience will vote for the best pitch (Social Prize)
• Announcing the winner of The Best Climate Action Paper 2022 and of The Best Energy Paper 2022
• Network drinks

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