The Sixth Obstruction: A 6-hour Re:interpreting Film Festival and Masterclass with Indie Filmmaker Zack Godshall

17 mei 2023 11:00 t/m 17:00 - Locatie: TU Delft Library | Zet in mijn agenda

Prior to the outdoor cinema showing The Five Obstructions reinterpreting The Perfect Human, a hands-on workshop film festival will help students hone visual storytelling techniques using video with Sundance alumnus director and film professor Zack Godshall.  Often blending fiction and nonfiction in unscripted ways, Zack Godshall makes films about unsung people and places that exist along the fringes of culture, exploring a variety of subjects ranging from claim adjusters working after natural disasters, coastal erosion, mental illness, and divinely-inspired builders.

More details to come.

Zack Godshall