Gast lezing: Pablo Solano Lopez

04 april 2023 11:00 t/m 12:00 - Locatie: Faculty of Aerospace Engineering - Lecture Room F | Zet in mijn agenda

Speaker: Pablo Solano Lopez
Title: Machine Learning for Optimal Landing on Asteroids
Date & time: Tuesday 4th April 2022 11:00 – 12:00 hrs 
Location: Faculty of Aerospace Engineering - Lecture Room F
Short abstract: Machine Learning has enabled us to rethink complex problems associated with space mission planning. A case study is the determination of a time-optimal landing trajectory such that a particular point of an asteroid's surface is reached with zero touchdown velocity. The different Neural Network architectures are compared to high-fidelity polyhedral models of the asteroids Castalia and Bennu to assess the potential of this approach.