Lend your ear to science – Sign up for a listening experiment in the Wind Energy Section

26 juli 2023 00:00 t/m 29 september 2023 00:00 - Locatie: Aerospace Engineering Faculty, TU Delft, Kluyverweg 1 | Zet in mijn agenda

Dates: July (26-31), August (1-4), September (25-29)

A multidisciplinary research team from TU Delft, Hanze University of Applied Sciences, and TNO is conducting a listening experiment to study human reactions to sounds from wind energy technologies. The research team is currently looking for participants who are at least 18 years old, have no hearing impairments, and can attend the experiment on campus. The experiment takes approximately one hour: Participants will listen to sound samples over headphones for around 15 minutes and fill in a questionnaire. In return for their time and effort, participants will receive a 20€ voucher.

Sign up here or by sending an email to Niels Adema at n.c.adema@tudelft.nl.