PowerWeb Lecture: Building IOT Capabilities for energy transition and digital twin at scale

By: Robbrecht van Amerongen, Head of IoT at Conclusion

26 januari 2023 12:45 t/m 13:30 - Locatie: Faculty of EWI, Hall D@ta, Mekelweg 4 | Zet in mijn agenda

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Abstract: The energy transition in the Netherlands will effectively migrate energy towards less reliable sources like wind and solar. Next to this, the production of energy will be more and more decentralized, and gas will be replaced by alternatives for domestic heating. The increased usage of electric vehicles, heat pumps and home batteries will have an enormous effect on the infrastructure. To manage this, we need a vast number of sensors that measure in high frequency and share data in almost real-time with each other and the operational systems. In this lecture, we will take a closer look at the typical challenges of realizing a large-scale energy data network and possible solutions. What will happen when we connect and operate slow-paced legacy systems designed decades ago with high-frequency network steering and mass data processing? In addition, we will demonstrate new business cases developed on this fast energy data network. We will discuss real-life business examples, best practices and pinfalls. And will discover what challenges are still left to research. 

Short bio of the presenter: Robbrecht van Amerongen is working at Conclusion, a Dutch-based company that provides business and mission-critical IT services to utility companies in the Netherlands. He has an MSc in Strategic Innovation Management from The University of Groningen. 

He has been involved in numerous innovative software systems and created, as an intrapreneur, several new business units within Conclusion, all related to real-time data exchange between complicated systems. For the past six years, he and his team have been involved in the development and implementation of large-scale IoT projects.