National XR Day

eXtended Reality (XR) for education and research

05 juli 2023 09:30 t/m 17:10 | Zet in mijn agenda

Programme 5 July
The goal of the National XR Day is to show, tell, learn and be inspired by the latest on the use of XR in education and research. The programme is currently being further developed, but you can see the general outline of the day below. We have three topical tracks for the presentations and workshops:

XR in education
XR in research
XR technology

Apart from that there will be a demo fair during the day, where you can try out different applications and examples of XR use.

Tentative programme

What does eXtended Reality (XR) do for education and research? Find out for yourself on July 5 during the National XR Day organized by TU Delft Library and SURF.

We will share the latest developments in the field of XR, show interesting applications and talk about the technology behind XR.

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