Where We Move in gaming session

06 juni 2023 15:30 t/m 18:00 | Zet in mijn agenda

If you own a house…Where would you choose to live? How would you protect against floods? Join the “Where do we move in” gaming session to learn about flood risk, protection, and gaming in a fun way. The TUDelft game Lab and TPM faculty designed this serious game, currently part of Jarno van Leiden’s MSc study. Your participation helps us to provide valuable insights for climate action and flood risk management.

What does joining the session entail?
First, you will fill in a short survey. After that, you will participate in a serious game revolving around flood risk and protection in a changing climate. When the winner of the game is decided, a debriefing will take place to discuss what happened in the game. To conclude, you are asked to fill in a short survey about how the game affected you. Of course, food and drinks are available during the event!

What’s in it for you?
This session will explore what you would do about flood risk and protection if you could choose which house to own and where to live. Your participation is voluntary, and you can withdraw anytime during the gaming sessions.

6th of June between 15:30-18:00 at TPM

Specific locations will be emailed upon registration and sent again with a reminder of the event.

For every gaming session, we are looking for about 30 participants. Please join us! Thanks for forwarding the invite to other students.