Teaching Culture Survey | Presentation by Ruth Graham followed by an in-depth session on key survey findings | 2 February

02 februari 2023 13:00 t/m 15:00 - Locatie: Teaching Lab - Door: Teaching Academy | Zet in mijn agenda

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Thursday 2 February 2023 is all about the Teaching Culture @TU Delft.
The programme consists of two 1-hour parts that can either be attended together or separately.

Ruth Graham presenting the Teaching Culture Survey results in the Teaching Lab.
The Teaching Culture Survey (sent in May 2022) is an important survey being carried out at TU Delft and about 20 other universities around the world to enhance the recognition and reward of teaching in the world of academia.  The same surevey was already executed in 2019 and a third run is scheduled for 2024. As such, it serves as an important input for TU Delft to consider, design and implement improvements with regards to (our) teaching culture.

In-depth session on 3 key topics derived from the Teaching Culture Survey findings: 
In an interactive working session, we will explore 3 key themes with each other, sharing examples and ways to go forward.

  • Teaching professionalisation - with Franca Jonquière en Toine Andernach
  • Robustness of evidence on teaching and education - with Remon Rooij en Meike Blokland 
  • The role of teaching in the Result & Development talks - with Annoesjka Cabo en Selma de Ridder 

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About Teaching Culture Survey

Universities across the world are striving to enhance the quality of the student experience; central to this mission is the establishment of an academic culture that celebrates, rewards and supports university teaching achievement. As part of a global partnership, the Teaching Cultures Survey will enable universities to explore and track the culture and status of teaching at their institutions and compare outcomes with peer universities worldwide. The study comprises three cross-sectional surveys conducted in 2019, 2021 and 2023, each using the same questionnaire. Participating universities include: Chalmers University of Technology (Sweden), Pontifical Catholic University of Chile (Chile), DTU (Denmark), SOAS University of London (UK), TU Delft (Netherlands), University of Auckland (New Zealand) and the University of Edinburgh (UK). Source

Learn more about Teaching Culture Survey by visiting the project website