4TU Hybrid Lunch Meeting Learning Analytics | 27 October

27 oktober 2023 12:00 t/m 13:30 - Locatie: TU/e - Door: Teaching Academy | Zet in mijn agenda

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Hybrid Lunch Meeting Learning Analytics at TU/e; personalized learning

Experts: dr. Duarte Guerreireo Tome Antunes, dr. Uwe Matzat

12.00 โ€“ 12.15: walk in and take lunch / get tuned in online
12.15 โ€“ 12.20: Welcome, introduction of the meeting by Esther Ventura Medina
12.20 โ€“ 12.40: Presentation 1, Chameleon course: Tailoring content to a studentโ€™s need by Duarte Guerreireo Tome Antunes
12.40 โ€“ 13.00: Presentation 2, Personalized student Activation in Engineering Education by Uwe Matzat
13.00 โ€“ 13.30 Discussion

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