AccessAbility Week 2023 | 20-24 March | TU Delft

20 maart 2023 09:00 t/m 24 maart 2023 17:00 - Locatie: TU Delft Campus - Door: Horizon en Student Onbeperkt | Zet in mijn agenda

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From 20-24 March 2023 Horizon and Student Onbeperkt brings to you: The AccessAbility Week | Opening Doors Towards Inclusive Education

Many of the TU Delft student population have a functional impairment or a need for support that inhibits their studies to a greater or lesser extent. TU Delft strives to be a safe, accessible and inclusive environment, where we cherish diversity and in doing so encourage creativity, well-being, and innovation. This ambition requires courage, creativity, and participation from everyone, including you!
Together we want to raise awareness for studying with a disability, a chronic illness, a psychological problem or an other support question. Let us open these doors; get inspired, meet & connect, share experiences and knowledge to make the university more inclusive

We warmly invite everyone at the TU Delft community to join the various activities during this AccessAbility week. All activities are for free, so do not wait any longer and sign up now.

  • Location: TU Delft Campus
  • Date: 20-24 March