Creating Impact in Higher Education: Design, Delivery, and Evaluation | 3 November

03 november 2023 09:00 t/m 16:00 - Door: External | Zet in mijn agenda

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Upcoming event by Risbo & the Community for Learning & Innovation (CLI) of Erasmus University Rotterdam on Friday the 3rd of November.

Are we, as educators, enabling the most impactful learning experiences for our students? A challenging question that universities encounter in their mission to empower the next generation of thinkers, innovators, and leaders. As John Hattie put it, it's crucial to "Know Thy Impact." But what does this really mean within the context of higher education? And how do we translate this into our practice? To help unravel this complex issue, we're delighted to host the next EHON-SOP event*. During this event we will dive into the following three questions surrounding the 'impact' we generate as educational advisors and teachers:
Designing Education for Impact: What constitutes an impactful curriculum and how can we shape education that truly makes a difference?
Delivering Impactful Education: What strategies can enhance teaching methods to amplify learning outcomes?
Evaluating Impact in Education: How can we effectively measure the influence of our education?
During this event we encourage you to share your experiences on how your educational institution is harnessing and fostering 'impact'. Take inspiration from the innovative ways in which Erasmus University is driving impactful education. Explore with likeminded people how we can ensure our practices resonate deeply, driving transformative learning experiences for our students. And most importantly, walk away with insights and strategies to embed in your own professional practice.
Join us on Friday the 3rd of November (9:00 – 16:00) and let's work together towards Higher Education with impact!

More information and the schedule of the day will follow soon. We are looking forward to your participation!
Best regards,
Risbo & The Community for Learning & Innovation, Erasmus University Rotterdam
*EHON is a cooperation in the Netherlands for educational advisors and teacher trainers. Twice a year a 'SOP' event' will be organized by the joining Dutch and Belgium Universities.