Machine Learning Teachers Get together | 31 October

31 oktober 2023 12:30 t/m 13:30 - Locatie: TU Delft Teaching Lab - Door: Tom Viering & Gosia Migut | Zet in mijn agenda

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What:  Machine learning Teachers Get Together
For: Teachers from all faculties involved in teaching maching learning courses
Where: TU Delft Teaching Lab, Room: Forum. 
When: Tuesday 31 October, 12:30-13:30. Free lunch included. (Walk-in.12:30-12:45; Session. 12:45-13:30).

Dr. Seyran Khademi (Architecture and the Built Environment)
Dr. Marcia Lourenço Baptista (Aerospace Engineering)

Khademi and Baptista will provide insight into machine learning education at their respective faculties of Architecture and Aerospace Engineering. Additionally, Tom Viering will provide a brief update on the ongoing project focused on sharing and reusing open educational materials for machine learning education. Join us to delve into discussions about teaching experiences, learning materials and gather useful tips and ideas.

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During the meeting a free lunch will be served. If you have any allergy related diertary needs, please let us know by sending an email

Background of this Special Interest Group 

As many others, you might already have noticed there are a lot of machine learning courses being taught at the TU Delft.

Meanwhile, there is little to no collaboration yet between teachers of machine learning courses between the faculties. EEMCS lectureres Tom Viering and Gosia Migut saw this as an opportunity to set up a special interest group on the topic of Teaching Machine Learning  to collaborate more between teachers, to improve education and save time. 

During each special interest group session, we explore a specific topic which will be communicated in advance.
During the meetings, the group will share, amongst others: teaching experiences, tips, and perhaps even learning materials .
Let's inspire and learn from each other to collaboratively improve our education. 

Tom Viering, EEMCS, course: Introduction to Machine Learning (TI3145TU)
Gosia Migut, EEMCS, course: Machine Learning (CSE2510)