Multilingual Cooking

24 maart 2023 18:00 t/m 21:30 - Door: Communication | Zet in mijn agenda

Do you love cooking and learning new languages? Then you are at the right place at X where we’ll be hosting one of the events of the Language Festival of Tandem Delft. You’ll cook in a small group and get the exciting task to make a recipe in an unknown language. Come dine with us!

Not a professional chef? No worries. Not multilingual? No problem. Multilingual Cooking is for everyone who loves good company and learning new stuff.

At the start the organization will explain how the activity works. Then, you’ll work in a group of max 4 people and be handed a recipe. You’ll have a proximately 1 hour to try your best to decipher the recipe and make the dish, using the ingredients provided.

When everyone is done, a jury of the Tandem Delft committee will taste the creations and decide on a winner. Lastly, all participants get the chance to try what the others have made.




Friday 24/03| 18:00 – 21:30 | Freetown Kitchen & Foyer | FREE!