Popdelft in de Lift: Techno Edition

14 oktober 2023 22:00 t/m 23:59 - Door: Communication | Zet in mijn agenda

Popdelft organizes 'In De Lift' 4 times a year, where they offer regional talent with their own work the opportunity to rise above themselves. This edition: 4 Delft names from the Melodic House and Techno scene!

In De Lift gives artists from Delft a boost, not only by letting them play live on a great stage in Delft, but also by extensively introducing them to their followers on their social media channels, and by offering them a coaching program with an established name in their genre. 'In De Lift' is usually free to attend, but this edition is special because our coach, none other than Hel:sløwed, will end the evening with a big 2-hour set! 

For this edition of In De Lift, Popdelft has collaborated with X to select 3 upcoming Techno talents from the community. On Thursday October 5th, these talents were offered a Masterclass by Misja Helsloot hosted by X in the DJ Studio to prepare for their performance. All three selected artists (Hidden Voices, BSMN and Hes.) study or studied at TU Delft, so come support your peers!

Lineup: Hes., Hidden Voices, bsmn & Hel:sløwed  

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Saturday 14/10 | 20:00 – 00:00 | Lijm & Cultuur | X-subscription holders €5,- Regular tickets €7,5