Wildpicking: Make your own healing ointment

30 september 2023 10:00 t/m 12:45 - Door: Communication | Zet in mijn agenda

Are you interested in getting in touch with nature and learning about the healing properties of roots growing around Delft? If you join us, you will even make your own healing ointment with comfrey you pick yourself!

Nowadays is very easy to get all our creams and balms from a shelve without even knowing what they are made of. We are not aware of what nature has to offer, of all the natural properties hidden in some plants that grow around us.  

During this wildpicking event Marion, the teacher, will lead the group to pick comfrey (smeerwortel) during a relaxing walk. Marion is a teacher, cook, forager and herbalist who organizes fun, enriching activities and excursions related to plants and nature.  

After the wildpicking, the comfrey will be made into an ointment/salve that helps against bruising, muscle pain, sprains and is tissue repairing, so you will go back home with a homemade healing ointment completely made by you! How interesting does that sound? 




Saturday 30/09 | 10:00 – 12:45 | Freetown Foyer | Students €2,- Employees €3,- Others €3,-