Exhibition: The City as an Archive

01 juni 2017 00:00 t/m 06 juli 2017 00:00 - Locatie: Prinsenkwartier Delft - Door: Communication BK

From 1 June till 6 July, the exhibition 'The City as an Archive' will be on show in Prinsenkwartier Delft.

Participants in the graduation studio of Interiors Buildings Cities, have considered the many collections held by the university with the view to making them more present in the city. To do so, they have thought of Delft itself as being a collection or an archive. The exhibition includes studies of the development of the city’s form, spaces and building typologies over time; an introduction to numerous collections within Delft and the university; views of their own projects for a new public building in the historical centre dedicated to collections, and models of buildings in other cities that have inspired their thoughts.