How to apply

Admission guidelines:

Besides the regulations posted at the TUDelft’s application webpage, a few other guidelines will be used to consider applications as well. Please note that the admission criteria described here apply, except for the GRE test: EWEM applicants do not have to take the GRE test.

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Application deadlines:

There are three periods to apply for EWEM, each with their own admission decision moments. The sooner you apply the sooner you’ll get your decision!

Below you will find important dates regarding the admission decision for applicants 2021-2023:

  1. Applicants who applied before the 1st of December 2020 will be informed in January 2021.
  2. Applicants who applied from 1 December 2020 till 31 January 2021 will be informed in March 2021.
  3. Applicants who applied from 1 February 2021 till the 1st of April 2021 23.59h will be informed in May 2021.

Extra notices:

  • Be aware that you are only allowed to join the programme with a finished BSc degree. We would need the final result of your BSc degree before 1 July 2021 in case you are a non-European national. European nationals would need to hand in the final result before the start of the programme, i.e. 1 September 2021. An official declaration from your previous institution stating that you have finished all necessary courses successfully will do until your degree has been awarded. Please take this into account while planning your exams/year!


How To Apply!

The application process is conducted by the International Office of the TU Delft. Applicants should apply according to the regulations and process described on this application webpage. Please note that all admission criteria described here apply except 9): EWEM applicants do not have to take the GRE test.

Below you will find the application procedure. Please keep in mind the following when applying:

  1. To be considered for admission, all required documents must be uploaded to and your complete application must be submitted by the deadline.
  2. You may apply for one MSc programme only. Incomplete applications and applications submitted by mail or email will not be processed.
  3. All applicants are required to pay a € 120 application fee. This is refunded only to students who start their MSc studies in Delft.
  4. If you were admitted last year and would like to re-apply, you must create a new application. This includes a new application in Studielink.
  5. For EU/EFTA nationals
    – The English language certificate may be uploaded until 1 July, provided that all other required application documents are uploaded before the 1 April deadline.
    – You will receive an admission decision within 12 weeks following receipt of your complete application.
  6. For Non-EU/EFTA nationals
    – You will receive an admission decision within 12 weeks following receipt of your complete application

01. Apply in Studielink

  1. Read the admission guidelines carefully!
  2. Register or log on via
  3. Fill out your personal details
  4. Fill out your previous education details
  5. Choose enrolment application and register for:
         Type of study programme (choose MSc)
         Educational institution (Delft University of Technology)
         Study programme name (choose your MSc programme)
  6. Check your to do list and status regularly 

02. Activate NETID

1. You will receive the following by e-mail:
     Confirmation of your application in Studielink
     Your TU Delft NetID (username) and TU Delft e-mail address
     An invitation for the TU Delft registration system Osiris

2. Activate your NetID to log on to all TU Delft systems

3. Upload your passport photo at

03. Continue in Osiris

  1. Log into Osiris via osiaan tu delft.
  2. Answer the questions and upload the required documents
  3. Pay your application fee
  4. Check the progress of your application regularly

04. Registration

  1. Send your official documents to the EWEM office, or bring your official documents to the introduction week at DTU and hand these over to Linda or Marianne during the EWEM introduction. The documents need to be received by TU Delft before the 1st of September. This needs to be done in order to be officially registered as a TU Delft student.
  2. You are officially registered as soon as your status In Studielink says ‘enrolled’.
  3. When your enrolment is complete, you can download your Proof of Enrolment via Osiris”

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