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Does EWEM re-apply for the Erasmus Mundus Scholarship?

February 2017
The programme will not apply for prolongation of the Erasmus Mundus title early 2017, meaning that we don’t have EM scholarship to give away for students applied for 2017 onwards.

Does EWEM offer or arrange any other scholarship?

No. Any links we know on other scholarships are mentioned in the tab ‘other scholarships’ on this website, but EWEM does not play a (mediating) role for these.

Can I also be considered for the TU Delft scholarships?

No, only students applying for a regular MSc program at TU Delft can apply for the Excellence scholarships or the faculty specific scholarships (Talent/Merit).


How can I apply?

To start the application process, you can use this link. When you have further questions concerning application, please visit the application page on our website or contact

What are the deadlines concerning the application?

The deadlines can be found on the application page under “Deadlines”.

When can I expect the results of the selection procedure?

The results of selection procedure depend on the application period. Information on the application periods and the when to expect the results can be found on the application page.

Which documents are required for the application?

The documents required for the application can be found on the admission page.

My IELTS results will not be ready by the 1st of December. Can I still apply for the scholarship?

The English test scores are a necessary document for the scholarship applications, so we will need your results before the 1st of December (at first a print-screen of your results is accepted). If you expect the results still in December we will consider an exception, but that is the last month. If we receive your sufficient scores between the 31st of December and 1st of April you will be considered as an applicant with own funding possibilities, not for the Erasmus Mundus scholarship.

What information has to be included in the recommendation letter?

The information that has be included can be found on the admission page. Recommendation letters can come from your (previous) professors, teachers and or employers and should give us an impression of your work and research experience and/or work attitude.

Can I directly apply for a PhD?

EWEM is a MSc program. The four partner universities have often PhD positions concerning Wind Energy. You can visit the websites of the partner universities if you wish to apply for a PhD position. These websites can be found, using next link:

Are we supposed to state which track we are applying to in the application process or is it done after a specific time we start the master program?

Yes, you have to choose which track you would like to follow in the application. During the reviewing process, the reviewers might suggest to consider you for a different track than the one you applied for. You will always be informed beforehand.

What are the admission criteria?

You can find all the criteria on admission page. Note that the EWEM reviewers will mainly look at relevance and level of academic background and motivation. Additional credit can be earned with possible research and/or professional experience.

Is an IELTS score accepted instead of TOEFL?

Yes, an IELTS score is also accepted. This can be seen on the admission page at point 3. On the admissions page of TU Delft you can find more details on exemptions for native English speakers.

What TOEFL or IELTS score is acceptable for the department?

The minimum required TOEFL or IELTS score can be found in the admission criteria.

Is an IELTS/TOEFL exam required with if I have done my BSc education in english?

Yes, a sufficient IELTS/TOEFL exam is still compulsory. An exception is made for students from DTU, TU Delft, NTNU Trondheim or the University of Oldenburg who have successfully completed a BSc or MSc in English. Exceptions for mothertongue speakers are mentioned under the admission criteria on the TU Delft application page.

What kind of English qualification is required?

The requirements of English qualification can be found on the admission page.

BEng graduates are assessed on an individual basis. What does this exactly mean?

BEng graduates usually have specific curricula that differ from BSc graduates. Therefore, their curricula and professional experience will be evaluated case by case.

The Programme

When does the program exactly start?

The program starts each year on the Monday closest to the 1st of September. Exact dates are mentioned to applicants in due course (including dates for introduction activities). Participation in the introduction week in the week prior to this start date is recommended.

How long does the master programme take?

The master program is a 2 years, 120 ECTS program. More information can be found In the program description.

Which specialization tracks are available?

There are 4 different tracks: Wind Farms and Atmospheric Physics, Rotor Design, Electric Power Systems and Offshore Engineering. More information about these tracks can be found here.

Can I do my final project in a different country than the participating universities?

Yes, as long as it is approved by the EWEM thesis supervisor.

Are there arrangements with industrial partners?

Are there arrangements with industrial partners?

The programme has good contacts with the associate partners and tries to include them in different parts of the curriculum such as guest lectures, summer/fall schools, contacts for internships/thesis subjects. A proactive attitude is requested and expected from the students.

Does EWEM give the opportunity to combine classroom work with real field work?

Where possible associate partners are asked to contribute to the curriculum. Students are invited to come up with initiatives and suggestions.

Due to the cooperation with the EWEM associated partners, the student has the opportunity to use the infrastructure and cooperate with many different institutions. So, during the education, a mix is provided between theory and practical research.

How much money will be necessary to attend the two years learning program (without scholarships)

You can find more information on tuition fees under the tab ‘tuition fees’. Besides tuition fee, you should also count on fees for the residence permit, visa, travel, housing, books, daily groceries, insurance, etc. There are differences between the countries, so exact budgets are hard to give. We believe you should count on a minimum of €1100,- per month.

Is it mandatory to study in all four universities of just in some of them?

Mobility is mostly dependent upon the chosen track. The first three semesters are fixed (see programme). The fourth semester is dependent upon the choice of the student.

Possibilities to Appeal

I have not been selected for the EWEM programme, and I have good reasons to disagree with the reasons for my rejection. How can I appeal against this decision?

You can find more information on how to appeal on the following website:

I have been placed on the reserve list for the Erasmus Mundus scholarships, and I have good reasons to disagree. How can I appeal against this decision?

You can find more information on how to appeal on the following website:

I have received notice that my request for Erasmus Mundus scholarships was not considered because my application was received after the requested deadline. I have proof that I have applied in time. What can I do?

I have received notice that my request for Erasmus Mundus scholarships was not considered because my application was received after the requested deadline. I have proof that I have applied in time. What can I do?

Make sure that your documents have arrived in time. If so, please notify the EWEM coordination team as soon as possible (, enclosing in your e-mail the documents proving the date at which the documents were received at the application office.

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