European Wind Energy Master

Double Degree Joint Education Master Programme

European Wind Energy Master

Double Degree Joint Education Master Programme

  • Receive two MSc degrees from world leading universities
  • Obtain fundamental knowledge and learn to apply it to the Wind Energy sector
  • Study in an international, multi-cultural environment
  • Live in (at least) two different European countries
  • Become part of the EWEM community

Even with our best efforts to promote energy efficiency, the global demand for energy to power our way of life continues to increase. Clearly, we must develop new sources of energy.

Wind energy offers considerable promise: the wind itself is free, clean, and it is inexhaustible. In recent years, research on wind energy has accelerated, and new developments in efficient and cost- effective ways of harnessing wind energy are making it increasingly attractive and competitive.

The wind energy sector is looking for well-trained and enthusiastic professionals. The European Wind Energy Master trains you to become a resourceful problem solver who is capable of collaborating with colleagues across cultural divides to shape the future of the wind energy sector.  You’ll get the best education in wind energy science and engineering, studying in our four world leading universities in (offshore) wind energy research and education.

The European Wind Energy Master is an advanced 2 year (120 ECTS) double degree Master of Science with four tracks:

Besides that, your study experience abroad will be enriched through special events, connecting with our industry partners and other activities organized by our study association ASE ‘Aeolus’.


15 april 2021 12:45 t/m 13:30

Wind Lecture: Installing the next generation of offshore wind turbines, Heerema Engineering Solutions (HES)

Wind Lecture: Installing the next generation of offshore wind turbines, Heerema Engineering Solutions (HES) 15 april 2021 12:45 t/m 13:30 - Door: Eveline Zeegers The TU Delft Wind Energy Institute (DUWIND) organizes monthly (online) lectures focused on new developments, challenges and ongoing research related to Wind Energy. DUWIND warmly invites you to join their lecture: ‘Installing the next generation of offshore wind turbines’ by Jelle ter Braak, Package Engineer – Gripper Frame and Job Schepers, Intern at Heerema Engineering Solutions (HES). Thursday, 15 April 2021 Time: 12:45-13:30h Register here A link to join the webinar will be sent shortly before the event. Overview Heerema Engineering Solutions (HES) is an Energetic & Independent Engineering Company located at the Buccaneer in Delft. We translate deep theoretical knowledge into working offshore methods. Multiple projects currently investigated within HES are related to the installation of XL Monopiles offshore. Jelle ter Braak is an Offshore engineer currently working as a package engineer responsible for the control design of a motion compensated gripper frame. Jelle graduated from the Delft University of Technology with a MSc degree in Offshore and Dredging Engineering. After his research at Allseas Engineering B.V. he started his career at Heerema Marine Contractors. At HMC and HES, Jelle has worked in Decommissioning as a Structural Engineer and contributed to the development of several engineering software packages such as an inhouse developed finite element package. For his Master Systems and Control (TU Delft), Job Schepers is doing his graduation project at Heerema Engineering Solutions (HES) focusing on the installation of XL monopiles offshore. The topic of his thesis is the design of a motion compensation gripper frame. In order to control the position and angle of the monopile during the installation a control system has to be designed. Changing soil properties, vessel motions and wave disturbances influence the system dynamics, resulting in a complex control problem. During this lunch lecture he will talk about the motion compensated gripper as one of the solutions for the next generation of offshore wind turbines. Jelle ter Braak Job Schepers
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