European Wind Energy Master

Double Degree Joint Education Master Programme

European Wind Energy Master

Double Degree Joint Education Master Programme

  • Receive two MSc degrees from world leading universities
  • Obtain fundamental knowledge and learn to apply it to the Wind Energy sector
  • Study in an international, multi-cultural environment
  • Live in (at least) two different European countries
  • Become part of the EWEM community

Even with our best efforts to promote energy efficiency, the global demand for energy to power our way of life continues to increase. Clearly, we must develop new sources of energy.

Wind energy offers considerable promise: the wind itself is free, clean, and it is inexhaustible. In recent years, research on wind energy has accelerated, and new developments in efficient and cost- effective ways of harnessing wind energy are making it increasingly attractive and competitive.

The wind energy sector is looking for well-trained and enthusiastic professionals. The European Wind Energy Master trains you to become a resourceful problem solver who is capable of collaborating with colleagues across cultural divides to shape the future of the wind energy sector.  You’ll get the best education in wind energy science and engineering, studying in our four world leading universities in (offshore) wind energy research and education.

The European Wind Energy Master is an advanced 2 year (120 ECTS) double degree Master of Science with four tracks:

Besides that, your study experience abroad will be enriched through special events, connecting with our industry partners and other activities organized by our study association ASE ‘Aeolus’.


16 februari 2022 09:30 t/m 17:00

TU Delft Wind Energy Institute PhD event

TU Delft Wind Energy Institute PhD event 16 februari 2022 09:30 t/m 17:00 - Locatie: Art Centre Delft, Rotterdamseweg 205, 2629 HD Delft (if possible) Invitation Join our TU Delft Wind Energy Institute PhD Event! In 2050, our energy system must be 100% CO2 - free, 100% reliable and affordable. Wind energy can deliver a substantive share of the future electricity demand and is therewith part of the solution. Within TU Delft, researchers across faculties investigate different parts of the wind energy system and technology. In addition to smart ideas and solid research, cooperation is a key for delivering innovations and bring smart ideas into practice. The TU Delft Wind Energy Institute invites PhD students (and other colleagues) of TU Delft with an interest in wind energy to discuss the future of wind energy, its challenges and possibilities for cooperation to come up with solutions. We explicitly invite PhD candidates and researchers from all TU Delft faculties who are interested in wind energy and curious to learn more about TU Delfts research on wind energy. Are you interested to join, but not a PhD candidate? Please feel very welcome to join our event! Date: 16 February 2022, 14:00-16:45h Location: Online – you will receive the link on 15 February 2022 Registration: Registration link Programme The programme has been designed in cooperation with PhD candidates from different faculties. Are you interested in organizing/ support the organisation of future DUWIND PhD events? Please reach out to Sarah Nietiedt (via teams or ) . Time Title 14:00h Welcome 14:05h An outside perspective on wind energy Aldo Schaaf, Systems Engineering Trainee at Fusion for Energy 14:40h Challenges in wind energy that have to be solved: Perspectives Prof. dr. Simon Watson, Director of the TU Delft Wind Energy Institute (DUWIND)/ (AE) 15:10h Cooperation for innovation and impact research matters, but where to start? Maxim Segeren, Business Developer Offshore Wind at the TU Delft Innovation & Impact Centre 15:45h Cross-faculty cooperation Interactive workshop 16:45h Final words and closure
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