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Peiyao Luo

PhD candidate Peiyao Luo will obtain her doctorate on Tuesday October 10th with her thesis Multigrid Method for the Coupled Free Fluid Flow and Porous Media System she was supervised by Kees Oosterlee of our Numerical Analyses department.

We have developed an efficient numerical algorithm for the complex inter-reactions between solid and fluid

Peiyao: "I work on efficient multigrid methods for the interconnected Stokes-poro-elasticity-system. It can be applied for problems in the field of physics or geosciences. My paper has won the 2017 Student Paper Competition at the Copper Mountain Conference on Multigrid Methods, because we consider a more complicated model which has not been widely studied due to the complex coupling between the solid and fluid. Take the issues in Groningen with the earthquakes caused by the gas extraction. They insert water (liquid) in the ground (solid) to extract the gas. We have developed new mathematical algoritms for models to calulate the effects. These new models are faster and stronger."