Data Science

Within EEMCS, the data science theme is closely connected to the DDS programme (Delft Data Science). It covers the challenges of turning big data into knowledge and insight. Big data is everywhere and considered one of the world’s biggest IT-related societal challenges. The rapid expansion of the web and the explosive evolution of software and hardware technology have resulted in immense amounts of digital data. This digital data comes with properties, e.g. size, speed, and semantics, that pose unprecedented challenges. Smart processing and intelligent analyses are required to obtain useful insights from big data, which may lead to value and impact in both science and society. Almost every field of study or sector of society will be fundamentally changed through (or will be affected by) big data. Naturally, the data science theme is closely connected to all EEMCS themes and covers a wide range of application domains, such as smart cities, health, security, online education, and sports.