Feldmannweg 17
2628 CT Delft
The Netherlands
phone +31-15-278 6234
fax      +31 -15 -278 7369
Management Secretary: Bianca Knot

Opening Times

Front door open Monday to Thursday: 8:00-17:00
Friday 8:00-15:00
Access Clean Rooms: 7 days / 24 hrs
MEMSlab Monday to Friday: 8:00 - 18:00

Driving Directions (Pdf)


IC Processing Lab/MEMS-Lab: Casper Juffermans +31-15-278 6087
Solar Cell Lab: Miro Zeman +31-15-278 2409
Electrical Characterisation Lab: Lucasz Pakula  +31-15-278 7708
Large Signal & Submm Wave Lab: Leo de Vreede +31-15-278 6187
EKL Access: Bianca Knot +31-15-278 6234
Technical Facilities: Jan Warmerdam +31-15-278 7745



Cleaning Milosavljevic
Diffusion Furnaces vd Bogaard
Electrical Characterization Pakula
Electroplating Wien
Epitaxy vd BogaardScholtes 
IC Processing MilosavljevicScholtes
Implantation HartingsveldtScholtes, Milosavljevic
In-line measurements (SEM)  LarosWingerden
Lithography WienWingerden,Scholtes ,Zeijl
LPCVD vd BogaardBerendseSteenweg
Mask Fabrication Wingerden
MEMS Processing LarosPandraud
Metallisation (PVD) Hartingsveldt, Wingerden
Metallisation (Evaporation)  WienHartingsveldt
PECVD vd BogaardLaros
Plasma Etching Laros
Wafer bonding  PandraudMilosavljevic 
Wet Si etching (KOH/TMAOH) Larosvd Bogaard
Wet Etching MilosavljevicVerhoeven
Wire Bonding & Packaging HartingsveldtSteenweg