Graduating, Master

The Master program of DIAM has five specializations. The Mathematical Physics group (chair A.W. Heemink) is connected to the CSE (Computational Science and Engineering) specialization.

Inspired by internationalization, some special programs, called tracks of profiles, have been defined. The Mathematical Physics group is active in some of these programs; see below under the button "special programs".

For graduating within the Mathematical Physics group, affinity with mathematical modeling of physical processes by means of partial differential equations is needed. Apart from this weak boundary condition, the range of possible studies is broad. The Mathematical Physics group is a large group, incorporating different fields. Below, under the button "Description" some further descriptions of our group can be found.

A diversity of Master projects is possible. Frequently the projects are carried out in collaboration with third parties and, then, the possibility to carry out the project at location is often offered.

Below, under the field "Overview", previous Master projects can be found. This enables an access to detailed information on the projects. But it also enables a quick exploration of the possibilities for graduating within the Mathematical Physics group. Basically, at every moment projects are possible that are in line with one of the previous projects. Only if there is the wish to involve external partners, then it all depends on the possibility to fit everything with this external partner.