Some main themes in the research of the Mathematical Physics group are:


The incorporation of measurement data into an existing model can improve predictions. The idea behind data assimilation is to use the advantages of both model and measurements by combining their respective information in an optimal way. 

Simulation of transport processes

Simulation of transport processes in large scale environmental models is becoming more and more important and can only be done using advanced mathematical techniques. Both Eulerian models as well as particle models are studied. 

High Performance Computing

Since the need for more accurate calculations is increasing, the size of the models is also increasing. Parallel computing can help to increase the speed of the calculations. 

Differential equations and asymptotics

Starting from applications such as vibrating structures, morphodynamic coastal systems and polymer dynamics, partial differential equations are also studied analytically, often using perturbation methods. 

Stochastic differential equations

Traditionally, physical processes are modeled by (deterministic) differential equations. However, many processes can only be described in terms of probability. This leads to stochastic differential equations. In particular, our interest is on numerical methods for such equations. 

The research is often done in collaboration with other organizations. An overview of the external organizations cooperating with the group is:

  • DELTARES / Institute for water, soil and subsurvace studies
  • TNO ENERGY / National Institute of Energy studies
  • SHELL IPE / Shell International Production and Exploration
  • KNMI / Royal Dutch Meteorological Institute
  • VORTECH / Computing and simulation software engineers
  • CWI / National Institute for Mathematics and Computer Science
  • RIVM / National Institute for Public Health and the Environment
  • ERASMUS MC / Erasmus medical centre
  • IHE  / International Institute for Infrastructural, Hydraulic and Environmental Engineering

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